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Thai Classic Massage

A perfect mix of subtle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions to balance the body system and stimulate energy flow. This classic massage uses traditional Thai techniques to apply deep palm strokes on the back with delicate stretching. Our Signature Style 

1 hour - $75   1.5hrs - $110   

2 hours - $140 

Balinese Massage

A light to medium massage where the therapist applies deep thumb and palm pressure with slow, firm, rhythmic strokes. 

These techniques uplift the senses and ease muscle tension, leaving you fully invigorated. 

1 hour - $85   1.5hrs - $125  

2 hours - $160

Hot Oil and Candle Specialty Massages

A Specialty massage that uses either warm oil or soy candle wax to give the advantage of stimulating heat to the massage.This adds to the overall benefits of detoxifying, increasing circulation, reducing stress and increasing wellbeing.

1 hour - $85   1.5hrs - $125  

2 hours - $160

Hot Stone Massage

Water heated smooth stones are placed strategically on the body on key points, with or without pressure for the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief. 

This treatment will leave you very calm and relaxed it will leave you feeling like you have had a mini holiday. Very popular in the cooler weather.

1.hour 15mins - $130   

Firming Massage

It boosts your metabolism, blood circulation and helps relax the sore muscles after a workout. This creates a stronger version of your body thus a perfect backdrop for your weight loss. 

Targeted massages do work to reduce the dimpling of skin that comes with the accumulation of fat, better known as cellulite

1.hour 15mins - $130   

Foot Massage

A foot massage is based on the bodies energy flow that is triggered by reflex points in the feet.Just like your neck, back, and shoulders, your feet can also benefit from a regular rubdown.Foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain.This is a great massage to promote wellbeing for the body. 

30 mins - $50  45 mins - $70

1 hour - $85 

Pregnancy Massage

Being Pregnant takes its toll on the bod, help relax and Refresh with our specialised massage.Improved sleep quality Lowers stress and anxiety levels Lessens swelling of the joints Alleviates muscle pain and cramps Reduces nerve pain

1 hour - $90   1 hour 30 mins - $130

Energy Increaser

This combination of soothing foot scrub and soak, then a Hot Stone massage.

This is very luxurious and will vitalise and energise.

2 hours - $215

The Refresh Pamper Me

Our Luxury Special. This is a hour Facial Massage and an hour Candle Massage. 

This will be an amazing Refreshing and Rejuvenating Experience 

This is our wow factor.

2 hours - $195

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We include a pre massage consultation to ensure you get the best value and care for your time